Grain Free Blueberry Lemon Scones

Grain Free Blueberry Lemon Scones from

We haven't been doing a lot of adventures since baby number two came along - mostly because of his nap schedule and also because I am still pumping every four hours or so. It's really been hard and truthfully, has taken a toll on all of us but I know that this time will pass and … [Read more...]

How To Make Maple Bacon (in the Oven)

How To Make Maple Bacon from

This is not a new idea or even a remotely difficult thing to do. Making maple bacon in the oven couldn't be any easier. You simple baste some thick cut bacon in pure maple syrup, cook for a bit, flip over and baste the other side and finish cooking. Simple to execute but so … [Read more...]

Quick Crispy Home Fries

Quick Crispy Home Fries from

There is nothing like good crispy home fries. A couple of weeks ago, I was making breakfast and mentioned to my mom that I felt like having home fries but didn't feel like waiting 45 minutes for the potatoes to cook properly. She asked me why I didn't par-cook the potatoes in the … [Read more...]

Paleo Cashew Pancakes

Paleo Cashew Pancakes from

My husband and son are major pancake lovers. MAJOR. They could happily eat some type of pancakes with bacon or sausage and fruit every day for breakfast and never get bored. Me, on the other hand, I get bored with food and like to continually switch things up. Even though I do … [Read more...]

Paleo Quiche with Chorizo and Spinach

Paleo Quiche with Chorizo and Spinach from

When I set out to make a savory version of my Paleo pie crust, pretty much the only thing I had on my mind was to make the ultimate Paleo Quiche. I really love quiche and it is one of the foods I've been missing the most (right behind Trenton Style Pizza from DeLorenzos). At … [Read more...]

Vegan Coconutty {Grain Free} Granola

Paleo Granola Recipe from

The last couple of years I've really gotten into making homemade gifts. This year my two homemade gifts were supposed to be this Paleo Granola Recipe and my Homemade Chinese Chili Oil. My son, however, fell madly in love with this granola and pretty much forbid me from taking … [Read more...]

{Medjool Date} Bacon Jam

Medjool Date Bacon Jam. Paleo Bacon Jam with Medjool Dates from

About a month ago, I had the great fortune of flying to Yuma, Arizona for a Natural Delights Medjool Date Blogger Summit. Now, if you have been following me for even a short time, you know that I love Medjool Dates and frequently use them as an alternative to refined … [Read more...]

Chocolate Mug Cake {Paleo}

Paleo Chocolate Mug Cake from

Are you making "mug cake" yet? I first saw this idea on Pinterest (of course right?) a couple of years ago and have tried my hand at  it a bunch of times. Most of the recipes I've seen are based on regular flour so I set out to make a couple grain-free versions and today am going … [Read more...]

Paleo Blueberry Muffins

Paleo Blueberry Muffins from

About a week ago, we wrapped up our final day of blueberry picking for the season. At $1.50 per/pound for local, organic berries, the "You Pick" farm close to me was the deal of the summer! This last time though, the bushes are pretty barren, picked over and the berries that … [Read more...]

Spiced Maple Breakfast Sausage

Maple Breakfast Sausage from

Maple Breakfast Sausage have always been one of our favorite breakfast treats. For the longest time, I was only eating Maple Turkey or Chicken Sausage (more on that here) but since I started eating Pork again, my husband begged me to make some Pork breakfast sausage for our … [Read more...]

{Paleo} Coffee Creamer

Vegan Paleo Coffee Creamer from

Let's first talk about this Paleo stuff happening around here. You may have noticed I have been cooking more Paleo and Primal dishes lately. A couple of months ago I read Wheat Belly and it really impacted me. Finding out that the modern day wheat, EVEN Organic, is essentially … [Read more...]

Spiced Carrot Mini Bundt Cakes

Weight Watchers Carrot Cake by

Whew, this recipe is a long time coming! Months and months ago I signed up to participate in the Bundt of the Month - a group of food bloggers who are posting their creative "Bundt of the Month" recipes based on a pre-selected ingredient or theme for each Month hosted … [Read more...]

{Vegan} Winter Chai Tea

Vegan Chai Tea Recipe from

This post is seriously overdue. I know I promised it last week so I apologize. Things have been a bit hectic between the holidays, family life, social events and a very cool little project I have been working on for you and plan to release next week (stay tuned!!) You may … [Read more...]

Triple Almond Chia Pudding

Almond Chia Pudding from

So, you guys know how I have a toddler right? Well, toddlers are a little bit insane eaters. One day, he loves broccoli, the next day he can't even hear the word. One day, it's peanuts and raisins for a snack, the next day it is insulting to offer such a disgusting … [Read more...]

Full Until Lunch Power Muesli

Full Until Lunch Power Muesli from

This is one of those things I am embarrassed that I have been buying for so long. This takes all of about two minutes to make. Yep, it is seriously that easy. The really hard part about Muesli is deciding what ingredients to blend together. Now that part can take hours. … [Read more...]

Healthy Huevos Rancheros

Healthy Huevos Rancheros from

Lets' get it out of the way and make it clear, this is my interpretation of Huevos Rancheros.  An interpretation based on what was available in my refrigerator and pantry when a friend graciously gave me half a dozen unbelievably fresh eggs from his very own chickens.  An … [Read more...]

Crockpot Apple + Pear Compote

Crockpot Apple Pear Sauce from

Since Fall is officially here, I thought it was about time I shared one of my favorite go-to desserts.  This dessert has it all: it's easy, healthy, perfect for infants, for toddlers, and even for dinner parties! If you have a Slow Cooker, this Compote is about to become your … [Read more...]