How To Make Mayonnaise with an Immersion Blender

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When I did my first Whole30 about 1.5 years ago, one of the first things I started doing was making homemade condiments. You quickly learn that 99% of the condiments you can buy in the store are riddled with cheap oils, preservatives, sulfites, stabilizers and hidden sugar. Sounds yummy right? Not!

Mayo is no exception. My old go to was always Hellman’s (called Best Foods on the West Coast). I grew up eating it and love the taste. So, when I started experimenting with making homemade mayonnaise, it had to come as close as possible in taste and texture to Hellman’s. That was my gold standard.

After trying a bunch of different methods from old-fashioned hand whisking (looking at you Julia Child), the food processor method (too time consuming) and some failed immersion blender recipes, I finally landed on this recipe for homemade mayonnaise from Northwest Edible. Erica adapted her version from Serious Eats and I played around with it until I got it to taste like Hellman’s.

This seriously takes less than 2 minutes – no joke. You can have homemade, clean-ingredient mayonnaise anytime you want, you just need to make you have an immersion blender (also called a hand blender).

How To Make Mayonnaise with an Immersion Blender from www.everydaymaven.comNOTES:

  • You can use any clean oil you want (Avocado, Walnut, Macadamia, etc.) but if you want this to be mild in taste and most similar to Hellman’s, you need to use Light Olive Oil. The brand does matter as there are a lot of cheap quality oils masquerading as light olive oil so do a little googling in the store and check out what people are saying about the brand options you have. Bertolli has a good reputation and is usually easy to find in large supermarkets.
  • If you don’t want to consume raw eggs, click here for an easy tutorial on How To Coddle An Egg.

Adapted From: Magically Fast and Easy Homemade Mayonnaise from Northwest Edible

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How To Make Mayonnaise with an Immersion Blender
3 Points Plus Per Tablespoon - Makes Approximately 16 Tablespoons
Serves: 16
  • 1 large egg
  • half a medium lemon, juiced (approximately 1 Tablespoon)
  • ½ teaspoon dijon mustard
  • ¾ teaspoon kosher salt
  • ¼ teaspoon ground white pepper
  • 1 cup light olive oil (see NOTES)How To Make Homemade Mayo from
  1. Begin by placing all ingredients in a wide mouth mason jar of other tall, cylinder shaped container. I generally use the one that came with my immersion blender.Make sure the white pepper is not clumped up and let the ingredients sit for a minute or two until the oil rises to the top.How To Make Mayonnaise with an Immersion Blender from
  2. Place the immersion blender in so that it sits firmly on the bottom of the container. Set it to the highest speed and turn on. Do NOT pull the blender up or out, just allow it to sit at the bottom of the container. The mayo will emulsify and begin creeping up the sides.How To Make Mayonnaise with an Immersion Blender from
  3. Once most of the mixture has emulsified and looks like mayo (less than a minute!), you can begin to move the immersion blender up and down to incorporate any oil that is sitting on the top.How To Make Mayonnaise with an Immersion Blender from
  4. You should have thick, creamy mayo!How To Make Mayonnaise with an Immersion Blender from www.everydaymaven.comHow To Make Mayonnaise with an Immersion Blender from
  5. Place in a container with a lid, keep refrigerated and use up within one week.

How To Make Mayonnaise with an Immersion Blender from


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  1. Gayle Morrison says

    Any suggestions for which brand of immersion blenders are good. Going to buy one just to make mayo. Starting on Paleo diet. Thanks

  2. says

    I too am a Hellman’s devotee so I was very happy to discover the hand blender Paleo recipe. My first batch and I’m pleased – I did a couple of shots of hot sauce. Can’t wait to experiment more. Thank you!

  3. Lynn says

    Coming in really late here, but I also was aiming for that Hellman’s taste and independently seem to have arrived at virtually the same recipe as you, with two small additions: I add a little white balsamic vinegar, and a pinch of ground cayenne red pepper. You can’t really taste the heat in the pepper, but it seems to “wake it up” somehow. Aren’t immersion blenders wonderful?

  4. Ann Merhall says

    Thanks for this post! My dad and I made some homemade mayo back in late winter. He being a former professional chef had me whisking it and my hand and arm never hurt so hard. Although it was good I will be trying this method next. And, I agree… Hellman’s is hands down the best store bought brand!

  5. CJ says

    Wow, I was desperate for an egg salad sandwich right now, and this worked perfectly. I use Sunflower oil (as it was in my food pantry) it was delicious. I have been a “Best Foods” (West Coast Hellman’s) fan all my life but this is much easier, cheaper and tastier too. Thanks!

  6. says

    I just wanted to thank you for this recipe. It worked!

    It didn’t at first – I was using a small-ish egg and it had more yolk than white. I just happened to have extra whites in my fridge from another recipe and I added about one egg white and voila! it worked.

    I must admit though that I didn’t have Dijon mustard so used about an 1/8 tsp of dry mustard, and I added a little more lemon juice. But you got it – its very much like the mayo I’m used to.
    Victoria recently posted..Victoria’s Vintage ESTATE SALESMy Profile

    • Cindy Marlow says

      Thank you, Victoria, for the egg white tip! This was the 4th time I made this mayo and the only difference was that I used bottled lemon juice instead of fresh. I could not get it to emulsify. It was combined but runny. I added one egg white but it didn’t work. I really did not want to dump this so I tried ome more white. It worked! Not as tight as my previous batches but still wonderful.

  7. Ann says

    Yes you can use it on potato salad. You say it looks like vinaigrette. Is it runny? Vegetable oil is soybean oil and I would avoid that because of its phytoestrogen and it’s likely to be GMO. Grapeseed oil is light tasting and is a good sub for veg and canola oils. Olive oil can be heavy tasting in a homemade mayo. You could mix half grapeseed and a light olive oil. Another oil I use is rice bran oil. Let us know what’s going on?

  8. says

    I used extra virgin olive oil (only olive oil in the house). Mix looks like a vinaigrette. Can I still use it over potatoes for my potato salad? Could I have use vegetable oil instead?

    • says

      Hi Frank, I like to use “light” olive oil for my homemade mayo – I find regular olive oil way too heavy and intense of a flavor. With that being said, you can add additional “flavors” like garlic, sriracha or wasabi which will help conceal the olive oil taste and use it on anything!

  9. Elle says

    This was awesome and so easy. I love Hellman’s too. This is great. I put too much lemon but it’s still awesome. I’m going to make my bf try because store bought mayo makes him sick but he loves the taste. I don’t know what he’s reacting to because he’s fine with olive oil and eggs so this should work for him.

  10. Ann says

    If you ever get a chance to make mustard, raw mustard seeds are the key. Also soak them overnight, 8-12 hours. If you go longer, it won’t hurt the seeds. The water plumps them up and some may even begin to sprout. That’s a good sign they’re raw! I took some of mine to my local “watering hole” for the owner to try. He wanted me to make him some for personal use. He was impressed and he’s been in the restaurant/bar biz for 20+ years. Feel free to ask for tips if/when you ever get around to it!

    Thanks for responding!

  11. Ann says

    I like to use grapeseed oil since it has a mild flavor. I made this with 1/2 cup oil. There is no way I could eat an entire recipe’s worth in one week. I typically use 1 egg per 1 cup oil. I like adding cider vinegar alone or along with the lemon juice and using my own homemade mustard from raw black mustard seeds. The stick blender makes making mayo at home a breeze. Blenders and food processors are a pain and hand whisking is torture!!! I can hear my grandmother now. She was born in 1909 (may she RIP). They really did do things the hard way living on a farm but they had the freshest food which would be considered organic by today’s standards.

    Thanks Everyday Maven! Enjoy your posts!

  12. Juliette says

    I used cider vinegar instead of the mustard as I had that on hand and it still turned out beautifully, thank you for this. My husband used to swear he would only eat Best foods mayonnaise due to taste, but I sneaked this on his sandwiches, then told him I had changed and he actually admitted to liking this. No more Best Foods mayo here !

  13. says

    I don’t think I could have messed with this anymore, but it still came out as a delicious thinner mayo, due to my use of canola oil. I also used the wrong measuring spoon for the mustard, and used half a tablespoon instead of a half a teaspoon. I also only has black pepper on hand, so I used that instead of white. But like I said, it was just on the thin side, and quite tangy, but still yummy in my fish wraps!

  14. Dawn says

    I don’t know! 1 cup of light olive oil is 58 PP, and an egg is 2. 16 servings.
    I actually got 1-1/4c last time (Prob from my extra lemon juice), so I just changed it to 20 and got the 3PP :)
    I frequently get different PP values. That lovely looking shrimp and zucchini noodles in green sauce gets me 12 PP when I enter all the ingredients and make it 5 servings. You call out 10. Maybe I will let you do all the work from now on! I like the results better :)

  15. Robyn says

    I just failed the first batch because I was impatient. Decided to try again immediately, and it turned out great. I used dry mustard, and added 2 pinches of sugar. My husband likes sweet mayonnaise. I also used avocado oil, and while it does give it a beautiful light green color (which may be off-putting to some) the flavor was not overpowering. It has a mild flavor similar to that of a light olive oil. ((I just bought a Cuisinart stainless steel immersion blender, and I may have to take it back for a plastic one. It got so hot my hand was red.)) :)

  16. says

    You mayo will last until the ‘expiry’ of the egg.
    So make sure you make a note of the best before date of the egg.
    Generally it will go mouldy after a month.

    I have only had successful mayo once. My last batch ended up being a fantastic dressing.
    I think my blender just got too hot. So I might try this method.
    Matilda recently posted..Running Bucket ListMy Profile

  17. Dawn says

    2TBSP on the lemon.

    Also, just curious why you specify not moving the blender? I have started in all places — top, middle bottom and usually move it. I still get a nice result! I will try just the bottom next time and see if it’s different.

    • says

      Hi Dawn,
      My experience has been that if I start on the bottom, it consistently works. I have had the mayo break or not emulsify properly when starting in the middle or the top.

  18. Nikki says

    Made this just now. It is so fluffy and delicious! This is what I’ll be doing going forward! (All the way from Barbados)

  19. Nava says

    I have been making mayo exactly like that, for over two years now and every time works the same. and we all love it! only thing I add is half the lemon juice and half juice from sourkrout so my mayo becomes a probiotic food and lasts for a long time. that is, if it lasts :)

  20. Vina Sobczak says

    Hi there EverydayMaven!
    I am concerned about using raw eggs in any recipe. Is this safe?

  21. Dolly Marden says


    So excited to have this recipe ! One question, since lemons come in all sizes,( I have a tree that produces lemons the size of grapefruit)
    Will you provide a measurement for the lemon juice please.

    Thank You !

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