This post has been a long time coming.

I should have posted it months and months ago but I really wanted to take photos of the process of making cauliflower “rice” and not just a dish with it in it.

Finally, last week, after a discussion on my Facebook page about serving Beef Bibimbap over brown rice or cauliflower rice (recipe coming later this week!), someone mentioned making cauliflower rice in big batches and freezing it.

Why hadn’t I thought to do that before? I freeze everything else right? Such a great idea so thank you!

I picked up a bunch of organic cauliflower at Trader Joe’s for a great price and set up to stock my freezer and (finally) take some in process photos.

OK, so let’s talk about cauliflower “rice”. Cauliflower rice has been making it’s way around the food blogging circuit for a long time now and for good reason.

It’s zero Weight Watchers Points Plus, Low-Carb, Slow Carb, South Beach diet friendly, Paleo, Primal and just a good way to get more vegetables into your diet.

The real deal is that you are not ever going to trick yourself into thinking you are eating rice. Maybe if you spice it up like crazy and close your eyes, you could convince yourself you are eating something similar to Uncle Ben’s Boil in a Bag White Rice? Maybe.

But the point is not to trick you, it’s to make a different choice sometimes.

To eat more vegetables and to have fun with ingredients.

To add volume without calories.

To bulk up dense dishes without adding carbs.

To mix things up and keep trying something different because you never know, you might love it!


Ginger Coconut Cauliflower Rice and HOW TO MAKE CAULI RICE IN THE OVEN


  • I like to use cauliflower rice under really spicy food and I prefer it under drier foods as a lot of sauce tends to water-log the rice.
  • Don’t try to sub cauliflower rice for regular rice in casseroles or in any dish where the rice is there to absorb liquid.
  • I do not recommend the microwave cooking method as the “rice” retains moisture. I prefer the rice a bit dryer and more “rice” like so I use a non-stick frying pan or the oven method detailed below in the recipe.

Do you have any tips for cooking / storing cauliflower rice? If so, I would love to hear them!

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How to Make Cauliflower Rice




0 Points Plus Per Serving (Servings Per Cauliflower depend on Size)
Serves: 6

  • 1 (or more) head(s) of organic cauliflower
  • food processor or hand-held grater
  • sandwich size freezer bags

  1. Grab cauliflower and make sure there are no brown or black spots on it. If so, remove with a paring knife.How to Make Cauliflower Rice by
  2. Rip the leaves off of the bottom.How to Make Cauliflower Rice by
  3. Cut the cauliflower in half and cut the florets off from core until you are left with just the core.How to Make Cauliflower Rice by
  4. Discard the core and break up the florets into somewhat evenly sized pieces.How to Make Cauliflower Rice by
  5. Place florets in bowl of food processor in batches. Process until evenly chopped but not completely pulverized.How to Make Cauliflower Rice by www.everydaymaven.comHow to Make Cauliflower Rice by
  6. Remove rice to a large bowl and continue processing florets in batches until all florets are “riced”. Alternately, you could use a hand grater but I imagine it would take quite a bit of time. Grab a measuring cup (I like to freeze 2 cup portions) and some sandwich sized bags (preferably freezer bags even though I took a picture of the non-freezer ones.)How to Make Cauliflower Rice by
  7. Once you fill your baggies, press the cauliflower flat to be sure to remove the excess air and make storing in the freezer easier.How to Make Cauliflower Rice by www.everydaymaven.comHow to Make Cauliflower Rice by
  1. If preparing the cauliflower rice from frozen, I suggest removing from the freezer and leaving on the counter to soften and defrost a bit while you cook whatever you are planning on serving it with.
OVEN COOKING METHOD (my favorite!)!
  1. Preheat oven to 425F. Spread cauliflower rice out on one or more baking sheets (depending on how much you have) into a single layer. Don’t make yourself crazy about the single layer thing, you just don’t want to crowd the pan or it will steam and remain moist. Bake for 15 minutes, flipping the “rice” at least 1x. Remove, serve and Enjoy!
  1. Heat a small amount of olive oil or coconut oil in a non-stick pan over medium high heat and add cauliflower rice.
  2. I like to “dry fry” it to remove as much of the moisture as possible. Make sure to season with salt, pepper and another complimentary spice if possible. Enjoy!

How to Make Cauliflower Rice by