Super Bowl Snack Ideas and Everyday Guacamole

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So this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday.  Super Bowl Sunday is almost as bad as Thanksgiving in terms of gluttonous food consumption, but it doesn’t have to be.  I went back over old posts and found a ton of healthy options that you can easily make to bring to any Super Bowl party. You can feel like you’re indulging and still be relieved of the stress of what to eat!

  • Guacamole and Chips (see below)
  • 1 Point Chicken Wontons  Serve these steamed or lightly pan fried (in a non-stick frying pan) with some low sodium soy sauce or chili sauce. They are so delicious with Edamame alongside.
  • Drinks – I realized that I ONLY have one drink post total! What is that all about?  Well, at least I did post this delicious Harvest Sangria.  Another great option is making a white wine spritzer by adding a couple of ounces of club soda to your Chardonnay.

Now, let’s get to the Guac! In this house, we all love Guacamole.  At the end of our first year of dating, my husband and I took a romantic trip to Costa Rica.  While celebrating our relationship, exploring the beauty of Costa Rica, watching an active volcano, relaxing in hot springs, sunrise hiking the rain forest, and touring Coffee Plantations we had a huge blow up.  Over Guacamole.  He thought I was taking too much at a time on each chip (I should tell you I was using a spoon). He was scared there wasn’t going to be enough. The Guac was that good.  Yes, we could have just ordered more but, at that point, we were already on our second order and were supposed to be headed to dinner.  True Story.

My toddler has inherited our love for Guacamole – his favorite restaurant is Chipotle Mexican Grill.  His order is adult sized and loaded with Brown Rice, Black Beans, Chicken, Pico de Gallo, and at least one order of their famous Guacamole, sometimes two!  He is also a fierce defender of his Guac and rarely will share any.  Sound familiar?

For us, Guacamole is an everyday thing.  As long as I can find fresh, ripe avocados, I like to have a batch ready to go.  I thought the week before SuperBowl was the perfect week to share my recipe.  Guacamole is really easy to make and the perfect dish to bring to a Super Bowl party…. or any party for that matter!


  • After trying many types of onion, my absolute favorite is sweet onion.  If you don’t have sweet onion, I recommend red onion.
  • The best way to store Guacamole (and avoid the dreaded brown layer) is to use a container that is not much larger than the amount of Guacamole you are storing.  Use a spatula or butter knife to evenly spread out the top layer, tightly cover with wax paper, pressing down so it creates a seal then cover the container with its normal lid.   Yes, I have tried keeping the pit (or stone) in, a layer of oil and a sprinkle of lime juice but none of them work as well as my wax paper method.
  • When it comes to Tortilla Chips, I swear by Guiltless Gourmet Organic Baked Blue Corn Tortilla Chips.  These are the only baked tortilla chips I will eat.  I have found the yellow to be very dry and not as tasty.

Everyday Guacamole
2 Points Plus per serving - Recipe Makes 16 Servings -- Individual Serving is ¼ Cup
Serves: 16
  • 4 ripe Hass Avocados
  • 2 tablespoons sweet white onion, finely chopped
  • 2 tablespoons cilantro, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon jalapeno, chopped (seeds and ribs removed)
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  1. Finely chop onion. Chop cilantro leaves. Remove ribs and seeds from Jalapeno (unless you want an extra kick then leave them in.) and chop.
  2. Slice avocados, remove pit and toss flesh into a bowl. Use a fork or potato masher to mash avocado. We like ours a bit on the chunky side so I barely mash it but that is up to you.
  3. Toss in onion, cilantro, jalapeno and salt. Juice lime into bowl and combine. Serve immediately or refrigerate (see Notes above for tips on keeping your Guac green).


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    Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my Fiesta-Cinco de Mayo linky party to and not only linking one post but four!! WOW, thanks so much for taking the time to do that and oh they look so delicious. I’m thrilled how this Fiesta is turning out and I can’t wait to try out all the recipes. I’ll have to open a Mexican restaurant pretty soon, haha!! Thanks again!! -Bev
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  2. says

    I’m like you when it comes to guac — I can’t get enough! (I love how your little one likes it too, that’s adorable.) The simple flavors in this version sound fantastic!

    • EverydayMaven says

      He is so cute with it Faith – he says “Guac!” and instantly becomes greedy lol. I do like to keep it simple with Guacamole – the flavors really shine!

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