Truffle Salt Burgers

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If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember about a month or so ago, I posted a photo of this Truffle Salt. Now, if you are not familiar, this stuff is not cheap – it can range from $22 (on Amazon) to $25 or more at Whole Foods Market or other specialty and gourmet markets.

I am not here to tell you this is a bargain or that you even need to buy it, what I am here to say is that if you want the most amazing hamburgers you have ever had, get some.

A little goes a long way and lasts for a while, so unless you are putting it on everything you make, it doesn’t work out to be all that expensive at the end of the day.

It’s worth it – these Truffle Salt Burgers are a game-changer.

When we started the Whole30 (our last day was Tuesday – we did it!, more on that later), I knew that bunless burgers would have to be on the menu. Pastured ground beef is relatively inexpensive (compared to other pastured cuts of beef) and my husband LOVES burgers.

Truthfully though, I like burgers but they aren’t my favorite meal, especially without the bun, cheese and host of other fixin’s I used to load on there.

I thought about it and decided to splurge on the Truffle Salt. I knew it would amp up what would otherwise be (to me) a somewhat boring meal.

Just the simple addition of one ingredient transformed these burgers into something that I kept craving over and over again, making my husband very happy and surprising us all.

I like to serve the burgers over Paleo Mashed Cauliflower (recipe coming soon) with some grilled or caramelized onions and some type of green vegetable.

That formula works and makes for a super satisfying weeknight dinner that takes no time!


  • When forming the patties, I always put a thumb indent in the middle so that they stay nice and flat while cooking.

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Truffle Salt Burgers
8 Points Plus Per Burger -- Recipe Makes 4 Burgers
Serves: 4
  • 1¼ pound grass-fed ground beef (85/15)
  • ¾ teaspoon Truffle Salt
  1. Combine the ground beef with truffle salt.Mix until just combined, taking care not to over-work the meat.
  2. Form four equal patties. Place on a dish or tray and use your thumb to make a small indent in the center of each one.
  3. Proceed to cook on a grill or in a grill pan until desired temperature. We usually cook ours until medium or medium-well. Here is a link with some grilling tips and tricks. Serve and Enjoy!

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  1. Erica says

    I am so excited about trying this. I a going to do burgers, mash, and peppers tonigt, and look out eggs in the morning.
    Thanks for the ideas! This is a new adventure for my family.

    • EverydayMaven says

      Hi Naomi!
      Great question – I am going to modify my post to add this to the notes – it is so that the burgers stay flat when you cook them.

  2. says

    Oh dear lord that sounds good! I have truffle salt, truffle honey and truffle oil so I am a bit of a truffle head. Never thought to put the salt in burgers ,but of course it sounds magical. PS Air-popped popcorn drizzled with a little truffle honey and scattered with a bit of truffle salt – mmm.
    kellie@foodtoglow recently posted..Cashew and Three-Ginger BiscuitsMy Profile

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