Jersey Tomato Salad

Jersey Tomato Salad from

When you grow up in Philadelphia, PA, you spend a good portion of the year looking forward to Jersey tomato season. Then, for a magical couple of weeks smack in the middle of a properly hot and humid East Coast summer, you do nothing but eat Jersey tomatoes. And, maybe hit the … [Read more...]

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Buffalo Chicken Salad from

If you are anything like me, you love all things Buffalo. Buffalo wings, buffalo sauce, buffalo aioli, buffalo fries (if you have never had those, you NEEEED to get on it), buffalo shrimp. And, in our house - we even eat buffalo mixed nuts. It never gets boring - buffalo sauce … [Read more...]

Jicama Slaw (Vegan)

Jicama Slaw (Vegan) from

Do you buy a lot of jicama? I find we go through phases with it. It is such a perfect summer vegetable - crunchy, water-rich and very versatile. It's also pretty inexpensive which is always a huge plus. Last week I bought a monster-sized jicama and needed to figure out how to … [Read more...]

Homemade Creamy Caesar Dressing

Homemade Creamy Caesar Dressing from

We have not been cooking that much lately. Mostly because it has been hot. Not just regular summer in Seattle my house is warm because I don't have central air hot but HOT like 90F for days and days. I have talked to death on here about how our house faces West and our kitchen … [Read more...]

Mom’s Potato Salad (Paleo Friendly)

Mom's Potato Salad from

You guys have no idea how big of a deal it is that I am sharing this recipe with you. This is my mom's recipe and she is not a fan of sharing her tried and true recipes with ANYONE. When it comes to potato salad, this is seriously the best potato salad I have ever eaten in my … [Read more...]

Dijon Shallot Vinaigrette

Dijon Shallot Vinaigrette from

Summer! Can we just talk about the fact that it is genuinely, no-joke feels like summer in Seattle right now? I know that technically summer starts in two weeks on the 21st but around here, yeah, well what most of the country thinks of as summer (you know warm temperatures and … [Read more...]

Sort of a Kale Caesar

Kale Caesar from

Kale Caesar is all the rage and has been for a while. If you love Kale as much as I do, it's difficult not to imagine it coated in a creamy Caesar dressing. You know the leaves are going to hold up beautifully and the salty, creamy dressing is going to balance out the sometimes … [Read more...]

Red, White and Green Quinoa Salad

Quinoa Salad with Vegetables

So you know how we had a little discussion the other day about how to soak, season and cook your own dried beans? Well, this is an example of what I like to do with the cooked beans. A simple grain salad with beans for protein and as many vegetables as I can shove in there. I … [Read more...]

Grilled Shrimp and Corn Salad

Grilled Shrimp and Corn Salad from

Dinner salads are a weekly thing around here. They are quick, easy to throw to together and have endless flavor and ingredient combinations. For the most part, I like to use up whatever vegetables I have on hand, add some type of beans, roasted peppers, a couple croutons and … [Read more...]

Collard Slaw

Collard Slaw from

Almost every summer party or barbecue has some kind of cole slaw or cabbage salad. I love old fashioned Cole Slaw but never really feel good about eating it because it is usually loaded with lots of fat and sugar and pretty much devoid of real nutritional value. This collard … [Read more...]

The Great Big Summer Pasta Salad

Summer Pasta Salad from

Summertime is officially here, well maybe there and not here since it's still mostly in the upper 60's and cloudy HERE but you are having a great summer right? I hope so, because I am living vicariously through you and your tan, humidity, shorts and icy cocktails. You're … [Read more...]

Simple Greek Salad

Simple Greek Salad from

Oh, hello there. It's me, the girl who can't quit Feta Cheese. I don't eat that much dairy but I go through phases and right now we are in a Feta Cheese phase. I have been putting Feta in wraps, tossing it into quinoa and topping snap peas with it. The sad part is that … [Read more...]

Miso Cucumber Salad

Miso Cucumber Salad from

Cucumber Salad! Yes, I am that excited about cucumbers.  Mostly because it means summer is almost here and I will be able to slice, dice, and chop fresh cucumbers into dishes of all shapes and forms. Clearly I love all things cucumber - who doesn't? I am also hoping to grow … [Read more...]

Eggplant Parmesan Salad

Eggplant Parmesan Salad from

Eggplant has been on my mind lately.  I’ve been throwing eggplants into my shopping cart like they are giving them away and then making a lot of this, and this and of course, this Eggplant Parmesan Salad.  This satisfying and interesting salad is a perfect lunch (pack dressing on … [Read more...]

Spring Detox Salad


Ever since daylight savings time passed I have noticed my menus shifting toward cold foods, raw foods and more salads.  I love salad but I tend to shy away from cold food during the dark, winter months when all I can think of are soups, chilis and stews, beans and warm … [Read more...]

Spring Detox Salad


Ever since daylight savings time passed I have noticed my menus shifting toward cold foods, raw foods and more salads.  I love salad but I tend to shy away from cold food during the dark, winter months when all I can think of are soups, chilis and stews, beans and warm … [Read more...]

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Quinoa Tabbouleh from

Whenever I think of Middle Eastern food, I immediately think of amazing olive oil, aromatic spices like sumac and cardamom, tahini, unbelievable breads and salads spread out on tables full of food served family style.  One of the most commonly seen dishes on these tables is … [Read more...]

Everyday Israeli Salad

Weight Watchers Israeli Salad from

There have got to be at least a thousand variations of Israeli Salad.  It's one of those dishes, like Chicken Soup, where the family has the way "they" make it and that way has been passed down through the generations.  Cool, right? My mom's mom used to make her an Israeli … [Read more...]

Greek Salad Bites

Greek Salad Bites Recipe from

Are you on Pinterest yet? If not, don't go over there and get an account.  Seriously, don't do it! If you don't follow my advice, you will be sorry because if you like food, fashion, design and photography you will lose countless hours viewing and "pinning" interesting … [Read more...]

Everyday Kale Salad

Weight Watchers Kale Salad Recipe

Kale seems to be one of these things that people either love, hate, or are totally scared of.  I am here to tell you not to be afraid of Kale. This is a super easy recipe that will please Kale-lovers, possibly soften Kale-haters and definitely convince those afraid of Kale that … [Read more...]