• I get a lot of emails asking where to buy high quality products if you don’t live in or near a major city. I know that there are a lot of food deserts out there (unfortunately!) and a lot of you don’t have access to organic, virgin coconut oil, affordable grass fed meats and a host of other products. I recently joined two affiliate programs (after trying their products, of course!) so that I can recommend these as options for those of you out there who either don’t have access or just want the convenience of shopping from home. I encourage you to check them both out and see if either is a good fit for your needs and will help fill that void!
  • Tropical Traditions carries everything from organic, virgin coconut oil to soy-free eggs and tomato products in glass jars. They even carry high-quality essential oils and natural body products! Plus, they have a Buyer’s Club where you can get a nice discount for repeat orders.

  • US Wellness Meats is a fantastic source for grass fed beef, lamb, poultry, bison and even dairy products. They have sausages, bacon, snack foods and even a sugar-free section. One of the things I love most about US Wellness is they frequently offer free shipping and always have sales (sign up for the newsletter).

  • While we are discussing affiliates, if you haven’t gotten a copy of 3 Phase Paleo, get your now. This is the best resource out there for how to transition a family to a Paleo lifestyle. Click here to learn more.
Image Courtesy of Paleo Parents

Image Courtesy of Paleo Parents

You know I am just slightly obsessed with Kombucha. If not, check out my tutorial on how to make it at home! After reading Delicious Probiotic Drinks, I am gearing up to experiment with making Ginger Beer and Coconut Kefir! My son has been really into yogurt but has a hard time tolerating dairy and we have been frustrated since the only coconut yogurt on the market (that we have found) has a lot of sugar and thickeners added to it. That is OK for once in a while, but he is into having it everyday lately.

What I like the most about this book is how simple Julia keeps it. She really breaks down the technique for each type of drink and gives you a lot of little (time saving!) tips and tricks. Then, she goes on to add flavors. You really get a feel for the basics. If you are thinking about getting into Probiotic Drinks, this book is a perfect place to start!


  • Last month, my husband and I snuck away for a weekend in Oregon Wine Country. We drove to The Willamette Valley and stayed at Red Ridge Farms. We were lucky and had picture perfect postcard winter weather the whole weekend (mid 50’s, sunny and clear blue skies). Besides enjoying the magnificent scenery, exploring vineyards and going for a couple long drives, we were guests of The Durant Family and hosted for a private olive oil tasting and tour at Oregon Olive Mill as well as a wine tasting at Durant Vineyards.  We all know that Oregon has some of the best Pinot Noirs around and Durant Vineyards is right up there with the best of them. What surprised me was how good their Pinot Gris was. While I love Chardonnay, I am not usually a fan of Pinto Gris or Pinot Grigio, their current Pinto Gris changed my mind on that. Willamette Valley is one beautiful place, I can’t wait to go back and explore more!

Willamette Valley

  • When we left Willamette Valley, we made a pit stop in Portland, OR for brunch and we finally got to eat at Pok Pok Portland. Besides drooling all over the newly released Pok Pok cookbook (you may remember me mentioning it here last October), I have been talking about eating here since we moved to the Pacific Northwest. It was even better than I’ve heard. If you are anywhere near Portland, you have to eat here!


  • A Heart Surgeon opens up to what he thinks REALLY causes heart illness. I found this article really moving and forwarded it on to my whole family. See what you think.
  • While we are talking about diet myths, I enjoyed this article as well – “9 Lies About Fat That Destroyed The World’s Health“. Understanding that eating more healthy fats is actually good for you seems to be one of the biggest obstacles for people who are used to the SAD (Standard American Diet) and the diets that go hand in hand with them (low fat, high carb). How did you get over your fear of eating fat?
  • Great tip on whether you should remove the green germ from garlic cloves from David Lebovitz. Short answer – yes if using raw and not necessarily if using cooked but read the whole post.

That’s it for this edition! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)