Back in April, I announced that my friend Faith and I would be hosting the The Food Blogger Prop Swap.

A country-wide exchange where we each packed a medium size flat rate USPS box with gently used and loved food blogging props that we were either sick of using over and over again, or just didn’t have a use for anymore.

We had over 30 food bloggers sign up to participate and everyone was randomly matched to send a prop box off to one person and receive a prop box from another.

I was assigned Maya from Alaska From Scratch. Since I already follow Maya’s blog and Instagram, I had a sense of what I thought she could use and went through all of my food props to gather a pile for her.


warning: bad iPhone picture

I wanted to be sure to wrap everything individually in bubble wrap so it would get there OK so I wasn’t able to fit one of the bowls pictured – this was taken before I busted out the bubble wrap lol. I can’t wait to check out what Maya thought and how she used some of her new props!

Now to the bad news, can you believe that my box never arrived? There were a couple hiccups with just two others getting their boxes late (but they got there!) and another participant still waiting on a box (which looks like it’s on its way) but mine didn’t show up. I know that my match sent it but this is the perfect example of why we recommended tracking.

All in all, we have been getting really good feedback. A number of food bloggers have emailed us and asked if we will do it again.

We are thinking about hosting another one, maybe a different focus — a spice swap, cookbook swap or cookie swap.

Would you be interested in participating in any of those? If so, sign up here and let us know! 

*There is a little spot at the bottom where you can check off what type of swap you are most interested in participating in.*

So now onto the fun stuff, all of the participants are posting about their swap experience today and will be linking up below during the course of the day. Check back later to browse through and see what goodies were exchanged and how they were used.

This linky list is now closed.