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Hi Everyone!

We are going to do things just a tad differently this week, and I think (hope) you are going to love it!

This weeks Guest Blogger of the Week is Jennifer from Health Life Deals.  Let me tell you a little bit about why I think you are going to love Jennifer and her blog – she will save you money.  Yes, YOU!

Jennifer is the healthy deal queen and opened my eyes (wide) to a world I previously didn’t know existed. A world where shopping at places like Whole Foods gets cheaper.  What??  Right?? Yes, I am talking about Whole Paycheck. Who knew? Obviously Jennifer does, and that is why I brought her here to share some money-saving wisdom with us all!

Thanks again Jennifer!


Healthy Coupons????

People always give me a funny look when I tell them that I write a healthy coupon blog called Healthy Life Deals

“There are coupons for healthy products?”  That is the first thing they say.

And I give them a big ole smile and say “ Yes there are.”  In fact, here is a list of current Organic and Natural Foods Coupons you can print!

I save an average of 75% off of my grocery bill every week.   One of the main stores I shop at is Whole Foods Market.   You can get FREE products at  Whole Foods Market – Can you believe it? (Click here for “Whole Foods 101″)

Knowing how to stack discounts on products is the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck.  Get to know your local stores coupon policies,  find out if they offer case discounts, and find out if there are special days they have their one day specials or mark down products.  Most Whole Foods Market do offer 10% case discount before coupons and some even allow you to stack a manufacturers coupon and a store coupon.

Did you know that Trader Joe’s will allow you to use manufacturers coupon on any manufacturers products they carry.  I realize a lot of their products are store brand but they do carry some manufacturers products.  They do not release store coupons but they will accept manufacturers coupons.

I post a weekly Trader Joe’s coupon match-up every Monday and a Whole Foods Market coupon match-up every Thursday.

“I eat mostly Produce and there are never coupons for Produce”  is another thing people constantly say to me.  Well they are WRONG- there ARE Produce Coupons!

Also, knowing when it is worth paying a little more for Organic produce is so important a great way to know when to buy organic produce is by using the Dirty Dozen list. This list will help you decipher which products are truly necessary to only eat organic.

Sometimes in order to save money you have to be creative or use a deal blog like Healthy Life Deals. Blogs do the leg work so you just have to take advantage of the deals.  Remember there are plenty of healthy deals to be had!

Jennifer Windler

Couponing for my health

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