GBOTW: 10 Healthy “On the Go” Snacks by Snack Girl

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Snack Girl is here!

I am really excited to host Lisa from Snack Girl as our GBOTW. If you love snacks (seriously, who doesn’t?) and are not already subscribed to receive emails from Snack Girl – you are missing out. Lisa is my go-to for all things snack in addition to healthy eating tips and the most honest product reviews (good and bad!).

I asked Lisa to share her “Top 10 On the Go Snacks” with us because doesn’t it seem like you always need a snack when you don’t have one with you? Sometimes you just don’t have time to bring along something homemade.  I also recommend checking out Snack Girl’s “Worst Snacks” (eye opening and refreshingly honest) and her “Top Ten Snack Tips”.


One of the hardest parts of maintaining a healthy diet is snacks. On SnackGirl, I devote a lot of time to creating the easiest and healthiest recipes to keep you out of the vending machine.

These snacks are ones that you can just buy and pack for the times that you don’t have time to make something.  My personal favorite is the almonds in a small container because it is healthy, fast, and unprocessed.

If you have more time to make your snack, check out SnackGirl for a list of recipes (such as a healthy cereal bar) including Weight Watchers PointsPlus values.

1.  Put your banana in a Banana Saver!  This way you get your potassium for an after workout snack and your banana remains un-bruised.

2.  Measure out some almonds, walnuts, or other favorite nuts into a small container.  ¼ cup is about 160 calories of nuts.

3.  Clif Kid ZBar – These are organic and smaller (only 120 calories) than the regular Clif bar – so they are great for a quick pick me up.

4.  Justin’s Nut Butter Packs – These guys are super delicious and will keep you filled up until your next meal.  Some people prefer nut butter to nuts (creamier) so these little packs are perfect.



5. Healthy Jerky – Not all jerky is made with meat and filled with MSG and salt.  Jerky is high in protein, low calorie , stays fresh forever and is a super savory snack.  Check out healthy salmon or turkey jerky.

6. If you drink milk, try Horizon’s Organic Chocolate Milk Box – These cute milks aren’t just for kids!  Shove one of these shelf stable milks into your bag for a 150-calorie CHOCOLATE fix.  The flavored milk is a bit high in sugar so go with the unflavored kind for a 110 calorie snack.

7. Lara Bar – This is the bar for people who want NOTHING added to their bar.  For example it has just almonds, dates, and bananas in its “banana bread” flavor. The downside is that it is 230 calories so try to eat just half (not easy).

8. Doctor Kracker – If you love a crunch for your snack – try Dr. Kracker.  They use whole grains, seeds, and very little sugar to make a nutritious cracker.  Warning:  Dr. Krackers are a bit hard (but they are delicious).


9.  Triscuits – Six Triscuits are about 120 calories.  They are made with whole wheat, oil, and salt and are an easy cracker to find for a quick, healthy, and salty snack.

10.  Dried fruit – Raisins, dried apricots, and dried apple slices are a great snack.  Just make sure you choose ones without added sugar (like those dried cranberries) and you keep your portion size small.

If you like these snack ideas and want even more snack tips, product reviews and healthy recipes make sure to head over to Snack Girl and subscribe to receive emails.

Thanks again Alyssa!

Lisa from Snack Girl

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    • EverydayMaven says

      Absolutely! I actually have a banana saver (not that exact one) because I ALWAYS have a banana in my bag for my son. It really is a genius product!

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