Kimchi Fried Rice

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In case you have yet to be acquainted, let me introduce you to Kimchi.  Kimchi is a fermented, pickled cabbage in a spicy sauce (although you can buy it mild).  It is the national dish of Korea and it is de.lic.ious.  And most importantly, Kimchi is full of flavor, very low in fat and calories and really great for you.

If those aren’t enough reasons to want to eat it, well then how about some Fried Rice? Who can turn down Fried Rice? Not me!

This version is tasty, easy to make, full of veggies, a blast of Kimchi, and easy to freeze for future meals.


  • I made this as a side dish so I refer to this recipe as 5 Points Plus and 4 Servings but you could easily have it as an Entree for 10 Points Plus and 2 Servings.
  • My favorite brand of Kimchi is Kings Kimchi and I buy it at Whole Foods. If you LOVE Kimchi, I suggest using an additional 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Kimchi in the recipe.
  • One of the most important elements of making Fried Rice is the rice. You DO NOT want to use freshly cooked rice or it will be too starchy. The best fried rice uses day-old rice or pre-cooked rice.  I really like Trader Joe’s frozen Organic Brown Rice. There are 3 pouches in each box and each pouch makes 2 cups which.  Of course, you can make brown rice and let it cool or freeze some leftovers and pull it out but these pouches are great to keep in your freezer for dishes like this and other general “I need rice now and only have 3 minutes not 5o” moments that probably happen all too frequently (at least here).
  • This is a Vegetarian dish but easily made Vegan buy omitting the eggs.  Soft seasoned tofu would be excellent instead!

Recipe Adapted From: For the Love of Food: Kimchee Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice
AS A SIDE DISH: 5 Points Plus per serving -- Recipe Makes 4 Servings -- Individual Serving is 1¼ Cups AS AN ENTREE: 10 Points Plus per serving -- Recipe Makes 2 Servings -- Individual Serving is 2½ Cups
Serves: 4
  • 3 teaspoons toasted sesame oil, divided (1.5 tsp + 1.5 tsp)
  • 1½ tablespoons ginger root
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 1¼ cups broccoli, cut into small pieces
  • 1 cup sugar snap peas, cut into ½" pieces
  • ⅓ cup edamame, shelled
  • 1 small carrot, (1/4 cup chopped)
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 2 cups precooked brown rice
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce (or Tamari)
  • 1 cup KimChi including liquid, chopped
  • 3 scallions, (1/4 cup chopped)
  • fresh ground black pepper
  1. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know I LOVE MY food processor right? Well, don't faint but I hand chopped almost everything for this recipe. I only used the food processor for the garlic and ginger. ...just to get it like this in 20 seconds instead of 5 minutes.
  2. Pull the edamame out of the freezer, measure ⅓ cup and set aside. No need to pre-cook these, just let them defrost on the counter as you continue your prep work.
  3. Next, cut the snap peas into small pieces. Be sure to trim the ends and discard.
  4. Measure 1 cup of Kimchi (including liquid) chop and return to measuring cup.
  5. Chop carrot into a fine dice, cut broccoli florets into bite sized pieces, and chop scallions. Measure soy sauce. Measure sesame oil - don't forget to divide it by measuring 1.5 teaspoons in one ramekin and 1.5 teaspoons in another. Beat eggs in a small bowl.
  6. Grab a large frying pan or wok and heat over medium high heat. Add 1.5 teaspoons of sesame oil along with ginger and garlic.
  7. Saute stirring constantly for one minute. Add carrot, broccoli, snap peas, and edamame along with 2 tablespoons of water. Cover and cook for about 3 minutes to soften the vegetables.
  8. Transfer vegetable mixture to a bowl. Lower heat to medium low and place remaining sesame oil in frying pan.
  9. Add in beaten eggs and cook for a couple of minutes until set. Use a spatula to gently scramble the eggs. Remove eggs from pan.
  10. Place frying pan back on stove top over medium high heat. Add rice, Kimchi, and soy sauce. Stir constantly, mixing well, for about two minutes, until rice is hot. Add scallions and saute for an additional 30 seconds. Finally, add vegetables and eggs back into frying pan and season with fresh cracked black pepper.
  11. Serve and Enjoy!

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  1. Scott says

    This is a really god one, I think. My wife found it a bit salty and gingery, but I really liked it. I’ll make it again even if it’s only for me!

  2. says

    i really like your food pictures and want to invite you to try out it’s for anyone that just wants another place to submit photos and share it will other foodies. It’s still in beta version, but would love for you to start adding some photos and help get it going.

  3. says

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving that sweet comment! Your blog is gorgeous and the fried rice sounds delicous, especially with the addition of kimchi!

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